How to Choose Home Projector

11.06.2020 0 iCODIS Official

The so-called home projector refers to the projector mainly used in the bedroom and living room. Its main function is digital imaging and movie display. With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous increase of the housing area, the home projector is gradually favored by everyone and has a tendency to gradually replace traditional TV sets. And there is also the mini home projector. However, different kinds of home projectors on the market are dazzling. How to choose and buy a home projector is a difficult problem.

Home projector: LCD projection or DLP projection?

At present, the projectors on the market mainly adopt LCD projection technology and DLP projection technology, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. It makes it difficult for many consumers to choose from. If it is for domestic use, it is better to buy a projector with DLP projection technology,  such as the small DLP projector, because DLP projection technology has the advantages of small size and convenient carrying. The projector using DLP projection technology is not heavy, so it is much more convenient to carry and can be used even when staying in a hotel.

Features to be aware of when purchasing a home projector

Parameters: It is very important to see the parameters clearly when purchasing a home projector. The main configuration parameters of the projector mainly include resolution, contrast, brightness, etc. These parameters are all related to the effect of the actual projection of the projector. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the projector is, the clearer the projected image quality is, the higher the contrast is, and the clearer and more striking the projected image is.

Portability: Since it is a home projector, it is better to carry it conveniently. Portability is very important at this time. As mentioned above, projectors using DLP projection technology will be smaller in size and easier to carry.

Supported Decoding Functions: The decoding formats supported by the home projector are 2D and 3D, which must be clearly seen when purchasing. Many movies now support the 3D format. If the projector cannot decode 3D movies, the performance will be greatly reduced and the visual experience in the cinema will not be brought.

Choose a home projector with long-life bulb

When purchasing a home projector, consumers who don't know the projector well will always be puzzled by the resolution, high contrast, and high lumen, and will often ignore the service life of bulbs. Many inferior projector bulbs have a life of only thousands of hours and are easily broken. Changing a bulb is expensive, so choosing a bulb with a long life is very important. For example, a Wutong projector uses DPL technology for micro-projection of LED light sources, and the bulb life exceeds 20,000 hours. If it is used normally, it can be used for 20 years, thus the bulb life is reliable.



When purchasing a home projector, you may be deceived by the rhetoric of unscrupulous merchants, so be sure to keep your head clear.  But, on ICODIS official website, you can definitely buy a good home projector as long as you choose according to the projector's projection technology, characteristics, and bulb life.