How to Choose the Book Scanner?

04.03.2021 0 iCODIS Official

I. Introduction to Book Scanner.

The book scanner is also called a non-contact book scanner, ancient book scanner, automatic book scanner, or book scanner.

The book scanner is a device that uses photoelectric technology and files digital processing technology to convert graphics or image information into digital signals by scanning. It is a computer peripheral device that captures images and converts them into digital input devices that can be displayed, edited, stored and output by the computer. Books, publications, text pages, drawings, art drawings, photographic negatives, films, and even 3D objects such as textiles, sign panels, printed board samples, can be used as scanning objects. The book scanner can extract original line graphics, text, photos, flat objects, and convert them into files that can be edited and added.

Ⅱ. How to choose a book scanner?

There are many smart book scanner brands in the market, but then how to choose a book scanner?

The book scanner can not only realize the scanning without disassembly and binding but also scan various media. Some book scanners take up a lot of space, have high costs, and are awkward to use. But the iCODIS scanner has more advantages than it. It is not only low-cost but also fully functional. Its scanning software can not only realize one-click OCR, surface flattening, automatic paging, clear finger pressing, color optimization, automatic correction, etc. but also OCR recognition can also support 186 languages and automatically generate editable text formats.

Therefore, when buying a scanner, you can't just lean towards the choice of brand. You should choose more from the aspects of cost-effectiveness and self-demand of the book scanner, otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the original desired function after spending a lot of money.


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