How to Use and Classify the Scanner?

11.08.2020 0 iCODIS Official

The scanner is a kind of external computer equipment. It captures images and converts them into digital input devices that can be displayed, edited, stored, and output by the computer. The principle of the scanner is to use photoelectric technology and digital processing technology to convert graphics or image information into digital signals in a scanning manner.


Scanner use

The scanner scans photos, text pages, drawings, art drawings, photographic films, and films. Even three-dimensional objects such as textiles, signage panels, printed board samples can be scanned. The scanner extracts and converts the original lines, graphics, text, photos, and flat objects into editable and convertible files. The scanner is suitable for office automation (OA) and is widely used in signage panels, printed boards, printing industries, etc.

  • Fine arts and pictures can be organized in documents;
  • Scan the printed text into the word processing software to avoid the trouble of retyping;
  • Samples of printed plates and panel signs can be scanned and recorded into the computer, and the wiring diagram design and the copy can be performed on the board to solve the problem of copying the board and improve the efficiency of copying the board;
  • It can realize the automatic entry and editing of printed board sketches, as well as the automatic entry of Chinese character panels and complex icons and the modification of pictures;
  • Add images to multimedia products;
  • Integrate visual information in the literature to make it exchange and communicate more effectively.

Scanner Classification

Flatbed Scanner

Advantages: It has fast scanning speed and good quality, and is the most commonly used scanner.

Disadvantages: It has a large volume, which limits the area of scanned documents (A4 large).

Drum Scanner

Advantages: It adopts an upright design and can handle files of various sizes.

Disadvantages: It is slower than the platform type, and its price is more expensive than the platform type. Be careful when placing it.

Portable scanner

Advantages: Portable scanner is convenient, small in size, and fast in scanning speed.

Disadvantage: The scanning space is relatively small.

High-speed photographic apparatus

Advantages: High speed camera scanner is small, easy to carry, has fast scanning speed, and has a printing function.

Disadvantage: The price is more expensive.

Business card scanner

Advantages: It is small in size, easy to carry and fast in scanning speed, but its use is limited.

Disadvantage: The price is not cost-effective.

Paper-fed scanner

Advantages: It can automatically feed and scan paper, and the color processing effect is good.

Disadvantage: it can only scan a single page.

Photo scanner

Advantages: The image quality is high, and it is a substitute for digital cameras, but it is expensive.

Disadvantage: Only photos can be processed.

3D scanner

Advantages: It restores 3D scenes with high efficiency and high precision, but the scanning speed is slow.

Disadvantage: It is expensive.