Image Quality Is the Key Factor of the Projector Effect

05.06.2020 0 iCODIS Official

The main advantage of the projection display is to create large-size images which bring shocking visual effects. Image quality is one of the most important cores of projectors. With the progress of core technology and the development of production technology, the image quality of projectors has been continuously improved.

Core parameters determine the basis of image quality

The key parameters and unique technology are the decisive factors of projector image quality. The core parameters include the resolution, brightness and contrast of the projector. The higher the resolution is, the better the clarity and sharpness of the projected picture will be, and the richer the details are, the more realistic the picture will be. At present, the resolution of projectors is rapidly improving, the mainstream resolution is developing from XGA and WXGA to higher-order 1080p and WUXGA, and 4K resolution models for high-end applications are also gradually increasing.
Brightness performance mainly depends on the light source. High brightness can make the picture more transparent and free from ambient light images. In recent years, bulb light source has higher light efficiency and gets stabler in application. Moreover, new light source technologies such as laser, LED and so on are developing quickly, which contributes to the steady improvement of the projector brightness. High contrast can show a richer color scale, thus presenting all details of bright and dark parts of the picture. And higher contrast can be achieved through technologies such as dynamic aperture.


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Professional technology lift image quality

In addition to continuous improvement in core parameters, professional projector manufacturers continue to develop exclusive technologies, which can improve image quality on the basis of the same core hardware, presenting more beautiful, exquisite and real large-screen images and giving users better visual experience.

iCODIS, which is in the leading position in the projector field, has been constantly developing and has accumulated profound technical strength over the years. It applied the original HDCR function, Accentualizer technology, and "extraordinary shadow" image optimization technology and other image technologies to its products to provide high-quality large images for engineering and commercial projection users.

HDCR function

In brighter rooms, it is difficult for ordinary projectors to clearly display dark pictures. HDCR function can provide images with contrast in bright rooms.

Accentualizer technology

Accentualizer's image-clear processing technology developed by iCODIS ensures that clear images can be projected even if indoor light is bright. The technology enhances the realness of the image by improving the definition, glossiness and shadow treatment, thus achieving a clear effect comparable to that of a flat panel display device.

"Extraordinary shadow" image optimization technology

The brightness and picture quality of ordinary projectors will decrease in the process of using. With the original image optimization function of iCODIS, the image can be automatically adjusted according to the attenuation of the light bulb to keep the image clear and make the projector's pictures still look as bright as new after long-term use.

It can be seen that only the continuous development of the projector's core parts, coupled with professional and exquisite technology, can continuously improve the effect of the projected picture. We expect more wonderful and shocking images with more real colors and more realistic effects to fully display the charm of large projected images and offer the audience lifelike visual experience.

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