Installation Method of Projector

11.08.2020 0 iCODIS Official

According to different installation methods, the projector can be divided into table type front projection, ceiling front projection, table type rear projection, and ceiling rear projection. Portable projectors that are convenient to use anytime, anywhere are generally desk-type front projection. This projection method is greatly affected by ambient light. However, if the ceiling is designed as a front projection method during decoration, it not only has an advantage in terms of cost performance but also has the best display effect. Now the desktop projectors are no longer the same as the commercial one, and the color matching is very fashionable. According to the decoration design, choose the right color projector to match with other home appliances.

After installing the projector, the first step in building a home theater is to connect the projector. Most projectors are fully connected, and they can be easily connected to TV sets, computers, and DVDs. However, it should be noted that some projectors have incomplete cables, and connecting to a computer requires a graphics card with a video output port, or connects the graphics card to the projector through a single-configuration cable. Be sure to ask clearly when purchasing. As for the entire sound system, as long as the projector is properly connected to the audio, power amplifier, or other multimedia audio-visual equipment, it is enough.

The installation of the projector is relatively simple. However, the realization of a home theater with excellent audiovisual effects must also pay attention to both space and the projection environment. Because the size of the entire space directly affects the audio-visual effect of the theater, the projector must be placed at a distance of 3 meters to 5 meters from the wall or curtain, so as to achieve the best display effect. As for hearing, in order to achieve a realistic situation, the room where the projector is placed is preferably rectangular, so that it can play a unique role in the harmony of the modulation sound effect. In terms of projection effects, the brightness of most current projectors is above 1200 lumens. However, it is still recommended to install curtains in the room to block outdoor light. At the same time, the walls and floors of the rooms should also be free of reflective materials. In this way, the brightness of the lamp can be lowered to extend the service life, and secondly, other details can be avoided to affect the fidelity of the video effect. In addition, do not put the seat near the audio equipment or loudspeaker when watching. These will make the sound effect very poor.