Introduction to Micro-projector

08.12.2020 0 iCODIS Official

Due to the development and application of many electronic smart products, modern life has become more and more convenient. Nowadays, many scene propaganda will use micro-projectors, which can project large-size or even more than 100-inch screens. And the use of micro-projectors allows more people to watch big-screen movies at home and enjoy the feeling of private movies.

So can a micro projector project such a long distance? Sometimes it can project to more than 200 inches, but in fact the size is too large and the brightness is not enough. At this time, the picture will be blurry and the color will be dim. So in general, the micro-projector is still more suitable for small rooms.

At present, due to the technical shortcomings of the LED light source, the lumens of the current micro-projector will basically be maintained at the level of 1000 ANSI. Of course, this is also the best lumen of the micro-projector products, and many entry-level products have only 300 ANSI lumen, and there is also 100 ANSI lumens projector. So when buying, do not easily believe in the promotion of high lumen products.

 How about a micro-projector?

  1. It is convenient to watch movies. More and more micro-projectors have built-in Android modules. You can directly connect to WIFI to watch blockbuster movies or live TV. Therefore, it must be equipped with USB, HDMI and other interfaces to facilitate reading USB or connecting to a computer.
  1. Since it is miniature, it must be small and portable, and some are as easy to carry as a mobile phone. If you consider going out, you can choose a micro-projector with built-in battery to extend the use time.
  1. It mainly meets consumers' daily entertainment and movie watching needs, so its effect must be the main consideration, and the lumen and brightness must be moderate. If it is used at home, two to three hundred lumens are enough. Otherwise the price is too high and unbearable. In addition, if the brightness is too high, visual fatigue will occur, and the fineness of the picture will be lost.