Main Way of Application for Commercial Projectors

23.06.2020 0 iCODIS Official

Commercial projectors are usually connected with VGA interface, HDMI interface and U disk interface of computers to present PPT, PDF graphic content, excel table content or high-resolution picture content in large format.

Resolution of commercial projectors: The mainstream resolutions of commercial projectors in the market are SVGA(800*600), XGA(1024*768), SXGA(1280*1024), and Full HD(1920*1080) level. Many people think that the higher the resolution is, the better it will be, but what needs to be explained is that the resolution is generally selected in combination with input equipment computers. Business office users prefer to use notebook computers for office work, while the resolution of mainstream notebook computers is usually not up to the full HD level. Therefore, consideration must be taken in the selection of projectors, otherwise, not only the expected projection effect cannot be achieved, but also the idle and waste of funds and resources will be caused.

Brightness of business projectors: The light of the venue is generally not ideal when conducting business office working and meeting, especially the indoor environment which is too bright. It is well known that the stronger the ambient light, the darker the brightness of the image perceived by human eyes. Therefore, the strong interference of external light requires the brightness of the projector to make up for, so as to obtain a clear and brilliant picture effect. 3000-3500 lumens is a mainstream bright spot interval with both sides.

Business projector color: Color expression is very important for an output display terminal, and the advantages and disadvantages of business projector color lie in technology implantation and optimization. Projector technology on the market is mainly DLP, LCD (single chip) and 3DLCD (red, green and blue chips, altogether three). DLP projection is stronger than the latter not only in color, but also in brightness, contrast and service life, so DLP projector is more suitable for commercial use.

The development status of commercial projectors: The above-mentioned parameter nouns are in fact the basic guarantee for commercial use and the innovation of the needs of commercial users, which also puts forward higher research and development requirements for brands, and the status is being realized one by one as people expect. In view of the business projection market, the elites are sparing no effort to meet the needs of users.

Business projectors should change from time to time: Just like the emerging new demand points in the business projection market, the development of business projectors requires brands to go deep into the market to discover and dig, and then satisfy through the implantation and optimization of new technologies. These hot words such as wireless, Internet of Things, green and health and so on are pursued by users, which also reflects the development trend of commercial projection in the future. Although these keywords have been reflected in the business projection market, most products have not brought good experience to users.

Main uses of business projectors: Many service and sales companies are equipped with business projector, which is mainly used to hold small meetings, train employees, show and explain products to customers.

Main Way of Application for Commercial Projectors