Notice for Buying A Projector

09.10.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

1. Brands of projector

Brands are very important. The projectors of good brands are naturally good, and the quality assurance services are also very good.

2. Throw ratio and resolution of projector

This depends on the size of the room where you plan to place the projector. The throw ratio refers to the ratio between the distance from the projector to the projection screen and the size of the screen you want to project. This data is different for different projectors. It is recommended to determine how large the screen size you want to have, and then select the projector that can meet your requirements according to the distance of your room.

In terms of resolution, if you just watch movies and play on Xbox, the 1080P resolution is basically enough. 720P resolution projectors are not recommended here, because the resolution is a little tight at a large screen size. In addition, if you are pursuing a high-quality picture, you can use 4K projection, which is effective.

Notice for Buying A Projector

3. Lumen and Contrast of projector

Lumen can be understood as brightness here, and home projectors sometimes do not require high brightness. This is based on personal actual conditions. If you just turn off the lights and watch a movie at night, the lumen is only normal. But if you want to use the projection during the day or even with the lights on, it is recommended to choose a projection with a larger lumen, such as a 3500 lumens projector.

Of course, in terms of the contrast,  the higher is the better. The colors will be more vivid under high contrast, and the details will be displayed more clearly.

4. Noise and others

I personally feel that the amount of noise is also very important here. During projection use, heat is generated, which requires a fan to dissipate heat. But if the fan's sound is too loud and affects the overall viewing experience, it is really very frustrated. Before buying, please pay attention to whether there is any obvious noise level mark on the projector, or judge based on the comments of the purchaser.

5. The darker the environment, the better the viewing effect

The projection brightness is limited. So when you watch it in daylight or under strong light, no matter how high the lumens or contrast is, the effect will not be as good as TV. So, the first thing to determine is the time you want to watch the video. It would be great if it was night. But if you are free during the day and want to watch movies, you must first pay attention to whether you can create a good projection environment for you to watch.

6. The projection screen is very important

Please consider getting a good screen before getting your projector. Compared with the wall, the curtain really brings very different effects. Another thing to consider is that the screen will take up a certain amount of space. If you need to hang the screen to the roof and need some hands-on installation, you should consider these factors in advance. If it is a bracket type screen, consider whether there is enough space for the screen in the home. And then you can choose a projector for big screen or other kinds of screen.

7. Audio output of projector

Some projectors have speaker equipment, but they are all very basic, and there is no sound quality at all. Some more expensive projectors still have good speaker effects. Speakers are inevitable for higher quality video and audio, so you need to consider these issues when buying.

8. Price of projector

In fact, the price of a good projector on the market is really not as high as expected. Compared with TV, there are sometimes advantages. But the price consideration must not just stop at the single price of the projector. You also need to consider the prices of cables, audio equipment, curtains, etc. that you need later. Budget is very important.

There are actually many projectors that can be recommended. The key of this article is to help you understand what you should pay attention to when choosing a projector. How to choose a suitable projector according to your budget and actual situation is the most important.