One-second Scanning of High-Speed Camera Scanner: a New Concept of Office Teaching

26.01.2021 0 iCODIS Official

iCODIS is committed to the design, R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-speed camera scanner instrument, providing users with advanced scientific research equipment and new scientific research technology, and making continuous efforts to promote the development of high-speed camera scanner instrument industry as well as paperless office. At present, as a new type of office scanning tool and teaching multimedia tool, high-speed camera scanner is rapidly popularizing in government, finance, education, communication, medical and enterprise industries with its advantages of green environmental protection, fast scanning, small size, and complete functions. It not only speeds up the process of paperless office, but also effectively improves office efficiency, assists teaching, and improves teaching quality.

High-speed camera scanner has two categories: office series and teaching series, which can meet the application needs of business office, industrial application and education. High-speed camera scanner's office series products are highly efficient and versatile, which not only greatly reduces office costs, but also improves office efficiency, thereby greatly advancing the process of informatization.

The teaching products have greatly improved teachers' teaching efficiency, reduced teachers' pressure, improved teaching quality, and reduced office and teaching expenses. At the same time, it helps to increase the intuitiveness of the courseware, enrich the teaching content, and increase the enthusiasm of students in learning. It has been strongly recommended and praised by schools, parents and education committees at all levels.

The high-speed camera scanner obtains power through the USB interface of the computer. The power consumption of the USB interface is one-tenth of that of a normal AC-powered scanner, so after a long time of use, the power saved by the high-speed camera scanner is very considerable. In addition, high-speed camera scanner can directly shoot texts and then perform network paperless faxing. Through the software that comes with high-speed camera scanner, we can adjust the size and direction of the picture and print it accurately, which can also save unnecessary paper waste. Although these bits and pieces are not very eye-catching, they can still save a large part of resources every day. As the concept of "green office" is now popular, high-speed camera scanner fits this trend very well.