Parts of the High Speed Scanner

02.02.2021 0 iCODIS Official

High speed scanner integrates multiple functions including scanning, photo-taking, and video playing. It's mainly used for office documents, and it can realize the information office in teaching, working, government, banking, finance, and so on. Currently, the high-speed photographic apparatus in use is mainly responsible for taking photos. After taking photos, it can transfer photos to computers and save them, so it has the function of real-time saving. The common scan formats of high speed scanners are from A3 to A6.

High speed scanner is composed of software and hardware. Every part should be extremely precise, or it will be unclear and unstable when reading data. The hardware of High speed scanner is composed of the pedestal, upper stud, lower stud, cross-bar, placement, card slot placement for ID card, limited convex parts, USB connection ports, jack, encoder, and camera. To make you know about the high speed scanner much clearly, let's introduce its pedestal in detail.

The pedestal of high speed scanner: In order to make it convenient for users to scan documents and locate quickly, there are commonly many card slots on the pedestal used for placing the ID card reader, fingerprint, and IC card reader, and customers can put things into the slots based on their needs. There are USB connection ports on the pedestal used to connect to the display or storage devices such as computers. Of course, it can also set other types of connection ports according to your needs.

Conclusion: A complete high speed scanner is roughly composed of the pedestal, stud, cross-bar, and camera. Among them, the bottom of the stud is fixed on the pedestal for support, while the cross-bar is installed on the top of the stud. The camera is installed on the bottom of the cross-bar, and it can scan the documents on the pedestal (or other flats such as desk and under-surface) such as paper and ID cards.


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