Problems Worth Paying Attention to in the Daily Maintenance of the Scanner?

08.09.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

As an image input device, the scanner has been widely used. So how to properly maintain it in use is also a problem worth noting. Today, I will introduce to you the points to be noted in the daily maintenance of the scanner.

  1. Don't hot plug the data transmission line at will. General home scanners are EPP interface. After the scanner is powered on, if the data transmission line of the interface is hot plugged at will, the interface of the scanner or computer will be damaged. It is troublesome to replace. Although you have tried it without problems, please do not do it again.
  1. Do not plug or unplug the power cord and scanner frequently. Frequently plugging and unplugging the connector of the power cord and the scanner will cause poor contact at the connection and circuit failure. Maintenance is also very troublesome. The correct power cut should be to unplug the in-line power converter from the power socket.
  1. Do not cut off the power supply halfway. Because the movement speed of the mirror group is relatively slow when working, it takes some time to return from the bottom after scanning an image, so don't cut off the power midway under the normal power supply. Turn off the power after the scanner's mirror set is fully homed. In order to prevent vibration during transportation, some scanners have also added locks to the mirror part. It can be seen how important the homing of the lens group is to the protection of the lens group.
  1. Accurate positioning at one time when placing items. Some models of scanners can scan small three-dimensional objects. When using this type of scanner, it should be noted that the positioning must be accurate at one time when placing the item, do not move it, in order to avoid scratching the glass, and do not move the item during the scanning process.
  1. Do not place objects on the scanner. Because office or home space is limited, and the scanner occupies more space, such as A3 size scanner, some users often put some items on the scanner. After a long time, the plastic shutter of the scanner will be deformed due to the hollow pressure, which will affect the use.
  1. Please cut off the power when it is not in use for a long time. Some scanners are not designed to completely cut off the power switch when not in use. When not in use for a long time, the scanner's lamp is still on. Since the scanner tube is also a consumable item, it is recommended that the user cut off the power when the scanner would not be in use for a long time.

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