Projector Application for Entertainment

01.09.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

Since 2018, the projection market has maintained a trend of incremental increase. However, traditional projection products (of education and commercial use) are facing a situation of weak growth, and home projectors are taking the rise, sweeping people's home theater entertainment life. Faced with the current situation where home projectors are used to watch movies and dramas, and the application of casual scenes in games is gradually saturated, a new round of home projector scenes breaks through.

Competition in the smart projection market

For many years, as a relatively professional large-screen content output device, the projector has been widely popularized in many fields such as corporate office, business applications, teaching units, government agencies. As the demand for home audio-visual entertainment continues to heat up, smart projectors, including the mini home theater projector, have also begun to "fly into ordinary people's homes".

The increase in popularity naturally brings the industry's popularity. More and more producers are involved. Benign competition naturally benefits consumers greatly. The diversification of products and the small profit but quick sales format brought by bidding give consumers more possibilities to choose freely. With the increasing popularity of the mini portable smart projector market and the fierce competition in the smart projection market, projection products tend to be saturated in users watching movies and dramas, and playing games. The homogeneity of projection products has become more apparent.

Projector Application for Entertainment

In the smart projection market, multi-scenario application layouts such as movie watching, business office, gaming and leisure are common. The most important equipment for KTV singing is the microphone and sound, and now the projection equipment is gradually used in KTV. The sound of a home theater generally requires good transient, fine sound quality, transparency, good film reduction, and accurate positioning. This makes the speakers perform very well when listening to music and watching movies.