Routine Maintenance of Scanners

30.07.2020 0 iCODIS Official
  1. When using the scanner, do not change the position of the optical device at will and try not to make large vibration. In case of scanner failure, do not dismantle and repair the scanner without authorization, but send it to the manufacturer or designated maintenance station. At the same time, when transporting the scanner, be sure to lock the safety lock on the back of the scanner to avoid changing the position of the optical accessories.
  2. Keep regular cleaning. If dust or other impurities fall on the glass plate, reflector, or lens in the scanner, the reflected light of the scanner will be weakened, thus affecting the scanning quality of the picture. Therefore, the scanner must be used in a dust-free or clean environment. After using it, the scanner must be covered with a dust cover to prevent more dust. When not in use for a long time, it should be cleaned regularly.
  3. Don't forget to lock the scanner. In order to avoid damaging the optical components, scanners are usually equipped with special locking/unlocking structures. Before moving the scanner, the optical components should be locked.
  4. Do not use an organic solvent to clean the scanner to prevent damage to the scanner housing and optical components.
  5. Don't let the scanner work in a dusty environment. If there is dust on it, better to clean it with the handle air blower that is usually used to clean the camera lens. In addition, it is necessary to keep the scanner glass clean and undamaged, because it is directly related to the scanning accuracy and recognition rate of the scanner.
  6. Do not plug the scanner with electricity. When installing scanners, especially those with EPP parallel ports, in order to prevent the motherboard from burning down, the computer must be turned off before plugging in.

7. Do not ignore the update of the scanner driver. Drivers directly affect the scanner's performance and involve the compatibility of various software and hardware systems. In order to make the scanner work better, updated drivers should be downloaded from its manufacturer's website frequently.

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