Skills When Using Scanner

05.08.2020 0 CollaboratorOkas Concepts

(1) Determine the appropriate scanning method

Scanners can be used to scan images, text, photos, etc. Different scanning objects vary from each other in scanning methods. Opening the scanner's drive interface, we found that the program provides three scanning options, of which "black and white" mode is suitable for documents in black and white, and "gray" mode is suitable for mixed layout of pictures and texts with both pictures with multiple gray levels and characters, and "photo" mode is suitable for scanning color photos, which requires multi-level sampling and storage of red, green and blue channels. Before scanning, it is necessary to select an appropriate scanning method according to the scanned object to realize a higher scanning effect.

(2) Optimize scanner resolution

The higher the scan resolution is, the clearer the image is. However, considering that if the resolution of the output device is exceeded, it is impossible to print a clearer image. It only takes up more disk space and has no practical value. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate scan resolution. For example, prepare to use a 600dpi resolution printer to output the results and scan at 600dpi. If possible, scale down large images after scanning. For example, if you scan a 4*4-inch image at 600dpi and reduce it to 2*2 inches in the editing program, its resolution is 1200dpi. And for higher resolution, you may need a high speed portable hd doc scanner.

(3) Set the scanning parameters

When a scanner pre-scans an image, it scans according to the system default scanning parameter values. For different scanning objects and different scanning methods, the effect may be different. Therefore, in order to obtain higher image scanning quality, the parameters can be adjusted manually. For example, when the brightness of grayscale and color images is too bright or too dark, the brightness can be changed by dragging the slider on the brightness slide bar. If the brightness is too high, the image will look white. If the brightness is too low, it is too dark. The brightness of the image should be moderate when dragging the brightness slider. Similarly, for other parameters, local modifications can be made according to the same adjustment method until their visual effects are satisfying. In a word, a good scanned image can meet the printing output without further adjustment in the image processing software and is the closest to the printing quality.