The Application of Book Scanner in Paperless Teaching and Electronic Library

10.03.2021 0 iCODIS Official

I. The development background of the book scanner

With the development of science and technology, people's living habits and reading habits have also changed. Paperless teaching and electronic libraries have become important development trends. Students can use e-books instead of traditional books, and libraries can also build databases and virtual libraries based on the electronic files scanned by the book scanner, so as to realize resource sharing more conveniently.

There is no need to print a large number of textbooks, nor to build a large library. The existence of a small book scanner can scan all paper books into electronic files. Choosing the right smart book scanner is of great significance to the promotion of paperless teaching and electronic libraries.

II. The application of book scanners in paperless teaching and electronic libraries

Book scanners are mainly used for the electronification of books and magazines. It is suitable for all book lovers, librarians, students, teachers, university staff and departments, public relations staff, law firms, or anyone who needs to convert their collections of books, magazines, and other bound documents into digital archives.

  1. Shortcut keys to facilitate scanning and improve the work efficiency of scanners.
  2. The book automatically rotates pages without post-processing.
  3. Compared with the traditional tablet, there is no need to open the book, and there is no shadow on the spine.
  4. Good image quality.
  5. Electronic production of e-books.

If users need to digitize books, magazines, and other bound documents for reading on tablets, mobile phones, and computers, users can easily press the scan button, and the e-book will be completed immediately. With the help of a book scanner, it is no longer a problem to scan files and quickly search for required content.


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