The Beginning of Romance and Quality - Home Projector

30.09.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

There should be only one reason to buy a projector, and that is the immersive feeling that a huge screen can bring. Whether you use a projector to watch a movie or play a game, this feeling is something that TV can't provide.

Through simple settings, with a mini home theater projector, you can create a visual experience at home that is almost the same as in a movie theater. Watching a movie on a projector in a private space with yourself, or with your lover and friends is more relaxing and more pleasant than in a movie theater.

1. Types of home projector

The most common mini home projector on the market illuminate the original image with a light source, and then project it on the wall or screen through the lens. Among them, the more traditional light source uses a halogen lamp or a mercury lamp as the light source for projection, which is somewhat similar to the halogen lamp on a car.

Although the lamp has a service life, the current general projector has reached a service life of 4000 hours or more. So the projector can serve you for a few years. In addition, because the lamp needs a certain amount of warm-up and waiting to reach a certain brightness, it takes a while to start the projection playback when the projection is turned on and off. I believe that all the friends who have used projection to give PPT presentations in class have experience.

In addition to traditional lamp projections, projectors that use LEDs or lasers as light sources have begun commercial use. Long service life, accurate color, and high contrast are their advantages.

2. The working principle of laser projector

The reflection of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) three-color lasers is projected on the screen through the lens to achieve the effect of displaying the picture. However, many manufacturers currently use two blue colors in the production of such projectors, and use the lens to subdivide one of the blue colors into red and green.

All the above is not the point. In fact, the point is why you should buy a projector. The characteristics of TV are long life, and clear picture quality, and brightness is not affected by external brightness. It is also very simple to buy a projector. This is like why you go to a movie theater. The projection can easily display 100-inch, 120-inch, and even higher screen sizes. Regardless of the price of an 80-inch TV, it is a headache just to think about how to take it home.