The Determination of Projection Scheme

29.10.2020 0 iCODIS Official

The only thing you need to know about installing the projector is the space. Choose a suitable solution according to different usage scenarios. The mainstream deployment space is the living room, audio-visual room, and bedroom.

1. The scheme suitable for the living room

Generally speaking, the living room is the choice of most people. There are three characteristics of the living room deployment:

  • The projection distance is good (more than 4 meters), and it can easily project a large screen of more than 100 inches;
  • The living room is generally shady; because most of the living room is connected to the dining room and kitchen, it is difficult to achieve complete shading;
  • Acoustic treatment such as sound absorption and sound insulation is difficult.

Therefore, when it is deployed in the living room, due to the poor shading, the brightness of the machine is high, and the use of the LED light source machine must be excluded first. In addition, it is not recommended to use expensive audio equipment due to difficulties in acoustic processing. In most cases, it is recommended to use the entry level. If there is a requirement for 4K, a 4K projector such as compact 4k projector, mini dlp 4k projector can be used.

2. The scheme suitable for the bedroom

As home projector price continue to decrease, more and more people are now using projectors in their bedrooms to replace televisions. Generally speaking, the bedroom scene has the following characteristics; ① The projection distance is short and the area is small; The shading is acceptable, and it can be achieved by changing a good shading curtain; It has high requirements on the noise of the machine; Acoustic treatment is difficult.

In combination with the small size of the bedroom and good shading, China's LED projector has become the best choice at this time. LED light source has the characteristics of low heat generation and low noise, which is a perfect match for the bedroom environment. In addition, the LED projection has built-in intelligent system and speaker system, and the effect in the bedroom is no worse than that of the TV, and the larger screen has a better experience. The defect of low LED brightness is no longer a problem in a well-shaded bedroom environment.

3. The scheme suitable for the audio-visual room

Friends who are generally able to configure audio and video rooms basically have a deep understanding of home theater. The equipment purchase and scheme are not difficult. The difficulty is the decoration of the audio-visual room and acoustic treatment.

First of all, if the width of the room is insufficient, the main speakers and the center speaker are best embedded in the wall, and use a sound-transmitting curtain to solve.

If you have neighbors, the sandwich structure of soundproof felt, wooden keel, sound-absorbing cotton and polyester fiber board must still be done;

The effect of the subwoofer pad on the downstairs is effective. Add another layer of sponge pad and a granite pad under the subwoofer and the effect is remarkable!

Ventilation should be done well. Because there are various soft bags in the audio-visual room, the air circulation is obviously not good, so if you have the conditions, you should leave a wall-mounted fresh air position, which can greatly improve the air quality when watching movies.

For projection and speaker equipment, choose as needed. It is not necessary to use expensive equipment, as long as it is enough.