The Development of the Mobile Office Market Has Brought Changes in Office Scanning Equipment

24.11.2020 0 iCODIS Official

With the development of the mobile Internet, the mobile office equipment market has also ushered in new changes, and mobile office companies are also seeking new breakthroughs in the market through various new products and mobile office products.

  1. Compared with traditional office, the advantages of mobile office are obvious

First of all, enterprise employees can use related equipment without having to be in their own office area, which increases flexibility. At the same time, mobile office makes communication and collaboration in various industries more convenient. With the advancement of technology, the work that originally required multiple devices to handle the completed work can now be done with only one convenient mobile device. I have to amaze at the rapid development of technology.

  1. Changes in scanning equipment in the mobile office era

Office scanning has also changed in the mobile office era. The operation of traditional scanning equipment is usually cumbersome and restricted by various conditions. The emergence of high-speed camera scanner has completely changed this status. In addition to high-speed scanning processing, the high-speed camera scanner can also perform operations such as image merging, OCR text recognition, time-lapse shooting, and PDF scanning on the software. Its compact size is very suitable for office workers who often travel on business.

1) The immediate use of mobile office equipment is also critical. The use of high-speed camera scanner can quickly obtain the power supply required by the device only through the USB interface. Plug the USB interface into the computer and you can use the high speed portable scanner immediately.

2) Mobile office regular meeting needs to do corresponding customer information and video display. Using the high speed camera scanner video display function, you can quickly show your products and related product introductions to customers even on business trips. The operation is also very simple that just you can use after connecting it to the projector.

3) Through the software, it is easy to modify and process the scanned documents. The exquisitely designed high-speed camera scanner's high-definition lens and LED fill light can output higher-quality documents.

From this we can know that the high-speed camera scanner is a portable mobile office equipment with a wide range of practicability. It can be used in various occasions, and it has the incomparable advantages of traditional scanning equipment. Workers who often need to travel to work with such equipment can do the corresponding office scanning more efficiently and conveniently.