The difference between a home projector and a commercial projector

16.07.2020 0 iCODIS Official
  1. Different subjects
  2. Home projector: a projector used at home.
  3. Commercial projectors: projectors optimized for business and office meeting environments and needs.
  1. the characteristics are different
  1. Home projector: Home projector, including mini home theater projector, can replace LCD, can play video online, listen to songs, play games, e-books, picture browsing, etc., the machine can be built-in CMMB function, can also be directly connected to the set-top box for TV copy, as a 21-inch TV during the day , As a 60-100 inch TV at night, to achieve the effect of home theater. 
  2. Commercial projector: Connect to the computer's VGA interface, HDMI interface, U disk interface, and display the large format of the PPT, PDF graphic content, excel table content, or high-resolution image content that needs a large format presentation.
  1. the roles are difference
  1. Home projector: It is mainly used for home film and television, office and entertainment.
  2. Commercial projectors: mainly used to hold small meetings, train employees, and explain products to customers.
  1. different performance
  1. Difference in projection technology: The LCD technology of the home machine has outstanding color reproduction, suitable for viewing pictures and videos, and the commercial machine DLP technology has excellent text performance ability, suitable for viewing presentations and other textual things.
  2. The difference in brightness: between 1000-1600 lumens for home use and 2000-3500 lumens for commercial use.
  3. Difference in usage environment: The home machine is best used in an all-black environment, and the commercial machine is more casual!
  4. Contrast difference: Household machines are generally between 10000: 1-100000: 1 and commercial machines are generally between 500: 1-2000: 1. Here I will talk about it. There is an internal connection between 2,3,4. The high contrast of the home machine determines that the home machine should be used in a completely black environment (the high contrast can only be perfectly reflected without the interference of external light, and the high contrast will make the picture more vivid, real, and the ability to show details is particularly prominent) Because it is used in a completely dark environment, the brightness of the home machine is between 1000-1600 lumens (too bright will cause damage to the eyes and is not suitable for long-term viewing).
  5. The difference between volume and weight: This is the same as notebooks. Households focus on performance, and commercials focus on portability. Household projectors tend to be bulky and heavy. Commercial projectors are often sold as compact and portable.
  6. Interface difference: Household machines often have more ports than commercial ones. HDMI input (HD port), component input, etc.
  7. Lifetime difference: Due to different projection technologies, DLP projector is often more durable than LCD projector!