The Difference Between iCODIS High-speed Document Scanner and Traditional Scanner

01.12.2020 0 iCODIS Official

The high-speed document scanner is very different from the traditional flatbed scanner. It subverts the using concept of traditional scanners and makes a brand-new reform design, making paperless office a reality. The traditional scanners is generally large in size and inconvenient to carry. In the process of use, the scanning operation is often inconvenient or the scanning speed is slow due to the file size, paper thickness and other conditions. Moreover, the traditional scanners can only scan flat documents, three-dimensional objects cannot be scanned.

The iCODIS scanner with high speed is widely used in various industries such as securities, banking, insurance, and education.  It breaks through the limitations of traditional scanning, combines copying, projection, scanning, photographing, faxing, mail and other purposes. It scans faster than traditional scanners, and can be folded for easy carrying.  A high-speed document scanner can handle various daily and business affairs and improve work efficiency.

The advantages of iCODIS high-speed document scanner over traditional scanners are:

  1. The iCODIS high-speed document scanner can scan any objects including flat and three-dimensional, while traditional scanners can only scan flat files.
  2. The iCODIS high-speed document scanner can preview the scanned files in real time, while the traditional scanner does not have this function.
  3. It can scan and save on the computer in 1 second, while the scanning speed of traditional scanners is relatively slow.
  4. It can set the scanning range at will without touching the subject, while the traditional scanner must touch the subject to scan the entire page.
  5. The after-sale service of iCODIS high-speed photographic apparatus is perfect. It has no wearing parts and no maintenance troubles. Traditional scanners have hot luminous bodies, which are easily damaged.
  6. The iCODIS high-speed document scanner is foldable and easy to carry while the traditional scanner is large and inconvenient to carry.
  7. The iCODIS high-spee​d document scanner integrates copying, scanning, photographing, video recording, faxing, etc., while the traditional scanner is only used for scanning.

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