The Function and Use of High-speed Photographic Apparatus

22.09.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS
What are the functions of the high-speed photographic apparatus?

In fact, the current high-speed photographic apparatus has many functions. (ICODIS is here to give some more commonly used examples. It is not that the high-speed photographic apparatus only has these functions.) It has shooting functions, multiple resolutions, multiple shooting formats, and multiple modes of choice; it has powerful intelligent continuous shooting and manual continuous shooting functions to improve efficiency and reduce workload.

It has a professional OCR function what the high speed ocr scanner has, which can realize full text recognition, and it can also recognize part of the content in the frame selection area.

It has a perfect image uniting function, which can unite collected manuscripts into multi-page PDF and multi-page TIFF.

It has a multi-image splitting function, placing multiple pictures in the collection area, and it can realize intelligent collection and separate storage.

It has a powerful intelligent trimming correction function to ensure the perfect output of the image. It has comprehensive image management and editing functions, integrating image acquisition, management, and editing.

It has the function of automatically adjusting the direction of the text, which can automatically rotate the direction of the text to determine the content of the original

It has a powerful watermark function; users can customize the watermark content, time and display location; it can meet the needs of special users.

It has a powerful signature function; users can embed stamps, logos, and signatures by themselves to prevent counterfeiting and tampering of image data.

The quality of the image output can be set freely, and users can set the quality of the captured image according to their needs.

It has a professional bar code/two-dimensional code recognition function; users can identify the bar code/two-dimensional code information through the collected bar code/two-dimensional code image, which is convenient for extraction and archiving.

Where is the high-speed photographic apparatus used?

Generally speaking, as far as the main users of high-speed photographic apparatus are concerned, they are divided into individuals, enterprises, and government departments.

Personal use is to use high-speed photographic apparatus to take photos and synthesize into an electronic album; or to scan and synthesize a physical book into an e-book, which is convenient for viewing by mobile phones and other devices.

For the use of enterprises and institutions, iCODIS will give a few examples:

The Social Security Center: Through digital processing, important written materials, business vouchers and certificates can be stored in a long-term and safe manner; it helps to quickly and conveniently query and browse scanned data and improve work efficiency.

Public Security Organs: the input speed of high speed camera scanner is fast and accurate. File information is shared via local area network or wide area network. It reduces the cost of storage and management, and avoids the risk of loss or damage to the original file.

After reading this article, have you already understood what the functions of high-speed photographic apparatus are? Technology changes the office. A more efficient, green, and environmentally friendly office model can make your work more efficient!

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