The High-speed Camera Scanner with Minimal Office Scanning Mode is Ready for You

19.11.2020 0 iCODIS Official

Work and life are busy. Young people nowadays admire minimalist office experience. These people only choose the items necessary for life, and they are the advocates of minimalist life. Minimalist life is to eliminate unnecessary items in life, and minimal office experience is also accepted by more and more groups.

Office equipment is also developing in this direction. The high speed camera scanner has a simple and generous design, which is in line with the minimal office experience.

Traditional office equipment often takes more than ten seconds to scan a document, and it will also affect the efficiency of the office if the document is stuck in multiple machines. The emergence of high-speed camera scanner and portable document camera scanner can well solve the problem of office scanning.

In terms of performance, the high-speed camera scanner has more functions than traditional scanning equipment. The high-speed camera scanner is not only easy to operate, but also can be set for timing shooting. This is very convenient for office workers who have a lot of document shooting needs.

The practical high-speed camera scanner also has a variety of optional products, and the folding design products are very suitable for mobile office use. At the same time, the environmental performance of the high-speed camera scanner is also in line with the concept of minimalist office. The power supply can be completed through the USB interface. This means that we no longer need to search for power sources when we are on business trips. We only need to find a computer to provide the power required when it scans the document.

Its user-friendly functions can complete e-books making, barcode recognition, automatic trimming and straightening of the e-document, and merging images. These all make mobile office more convenient.

With it, you no longer have to worry about finding suitable display equipment when you are on a business trip. After the high-speed camera scanner is connected to the projector, it is a multifunctional display stand, which can help you perfectly complete the display of daily products and corresponding product information.

In addition, the high-speed camera scanner can quickly transfer documents. The dexterous, portable and detachable design allows the high-speed camera scanner to adapt to more office situations. At present, it has been widely used in public security, procuratorate, court, Ministry of Education and Culture, Financial Department, stock exchange, telecommunications, insurance, hospitals and other industries. This combination of minimalist appearance and practical design will bring you a better office scanning experience. Welcome all the office elites to contact us.