The High-speed Document Scanner Makes Flatbed Scanner Face Unprecedented Market Challenges

24.11.2020 0 iCODIS Official

Today, when flatbed scanners, commercial high-speed scanners and multifunction machines continue to impact the market, a new type of office equipment, iCODIS high-speed document scanner is also rapidly occupying its own position, which is also determined by the vast consumer groups.

In people's daily office, the demand for digital storage of documents is increasing with the deepening of paperless office. For example, the financial department often needs to scan financial statements. And administrative departments and other government service departments need to digitally archive a large number of user materials, conference materials, and various management materials. The sales department needs to digitally archive contracts and sales forms. Some experienced professionals of this industry said that the situation of continued expanding user base of iCODIS high speed document scanner will not change in a short time.

Looking at the current scanner market, manufacturers have already divided scanners into different levels according to the actual needs of users. This not only allows users to clear their purchasing goals more clearly when purchasing, but also subdivides their own needs, avoiding blind purchasing. When purchasing document digitization equipment, normal users would pay most attention to price. The more cost-effective, the better. But savvy users will spend time on the total cost of ownership, which involves the performance indicators of the machine, such as scanning speed, service life, ease of use, network functions, ​scalability, and the cost of purchasing the machine and wearing parts. The iCODIS high-speed photographic apparatus can not only fully meet the needs of users in terms of performance indicators, but also greatly reduce the total cost of ownership for users due to the performance of comprehensive factors such as service life and multi-function. It is not surprising that iCODIS high-speed document scanner continues to replace scanners in multiple industries.

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