The New-era High-speed Document Camera Scanner Lights Up Your Working Efficiency

03.03.2021 0 iCODIS Official

The development of digital equipment needs a process. Currently, high-speed camera scanner becomes a powerful tool for digitization. In daily work, work is required to be processed faster, requiring efficient office equipment to improve the working efficiency.

Now many offices have started to create shared working spaces, and energized devices are also beginning to enter ordinary offices from first-tier cities to second and third-tier cities. In the future, there will be more ways to improve the pattern of modern working.

Different industries have different features, but office equipment is needed by the public. During the process of information development, new types of office equipment are constantly appearing.

For the industry of scan, the generation of high-speed camera scanner is an efficient product that drives the development of office mode toward new and high efficiency, and it's gradually becoming popular in the enterprise departments such as telecommunications, banking, and insurance.

The high-speed camera scanner of iCODIS relies on the advantages such as simple software operation and the ability to connect with the corresponding industry system, able to satisfy different needs of different customers.

The scanning function of three-dimension makes it break through the defect of traditional two-dimensional scanning, and it can scan documents of different sizes.

In terms of shooting, the high-speed camera scanner has a rotatable camera, so the shooting angles are wider, and shooting is freer.

High-speed camera scanner is efficient equipment used to scan and shoot, and it can scan documents within one second and save files in different classifications. At the same time, it can identify the code and documents because it has a strong ability to identify. In the office area that needs to verify the authenticity of the information, it can identify fingerprints and compare the information of the ID card, so it can better guarantee the security of information collection.

Compare with traditional scanners, high-speed camera scanner can scan fast just like high speed ocr scanner, and it's small. It can be used once it plugs in the bolt. The LED fill-light can better ensure the clarity of the documents and make the shooting details more complete.

High-speed camera scanner is widely used. In the daily work of governmental departments, all receipts and documents can be scanned by high-speed camera scanner; it can get quality information in medical administration and archive all kinds of cases, documents, and information; in business, it can classify business information and fast collect image data as well as present product information.

In a word, high-speed camera scanner is a professional business office camera scanner, which breaks the traditional scan mode, making you work and scan easier.