The OCR Text Recognition Technology Of The High-speed Photographic Apparatus Ranks on the Top of the World

15.10.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

When we need to extract text from paper materials, do we think of using OCR text recognition technology software to extract content? OCR is commonly referred to as text recognition, and it is called "optical character recognition" in the industry. It is a process in which optical devices such as electronic equipment, taking scanners or digital cameras for example, obtain the printed characters on paper, determine their shape by detecting dark and light patterns, and then use character recognition methods to translate the shapes into computer text. It also uses various pattern recognition algorithms to analyze the morphological characteristics of the text, determine the standard encoding of the text, and store it as a computer text file in a common format. It has an obvious effect on reducing the workload of text entering in office work.To put it simply, OCR is to extract text from a picture.

The development of global perspective information has made the application of traditional optical character recognition technology increasingly widespread, and the market for related products is showing an expansion trend. In the past, OCR products had low utility and single function. With the funding of OCR research and development from a global perspective, general global OCR technology and product levels have rapidly improved. At present, the OCR recognition technology of high-speed photographic apparatus has reached a fully practical level, and since OCR technology is used as a standard feature, OCR text recognition technology has been truly applied. The iCODIS high-speed OCR scanner has also been at the forefront of OCR text recognition.

After dozens of years of development, the universal global OCR technology has ranked on the top of the world. Initially, the application fields of high-speed photographic apparatus were mostly in industries such as banking, insurance, government agencies, telecommunications, and hospitals. The real reason why the high speed camera scanner has not entered people on a large scale is that people have not realized the benefits of OCR text recognition software. Many companies hold this idea: try not to spend as much money as possible, which is not necessarily a good way to save money. For example, if you have a lot of documents to process (such as customer information, employee files and other documents to be entered into the computer for archiving), under the premise of no rest in working hours, manual input will take two or three days. In the meantime, you also need to give employees extra pays for overtime. If such data companies have to deal with it every month in the future, more labor and expenses will be needed. But if you use high-speed photographic apparatus OCR text recognition software, you can complete the same work in just a few minutes, greatly improving work efficiency, and you can use it for life with one purchase.

With the development of the times, high-efficiency work has penetrated into the hearts of every entrepreneur. The high-speed photographic apparatus has also become the endorsement of smart office. It can be said that the old method of office is still used by backward enterprises.