The Powerful Function of High-speed Photographic Apparatus in the Industry Office

01.12.2020 0 iCODIS Official

The high-speed camera scanner is a portable and efficient digital image capture device. It is a low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly office equipment. It completely changes the design concept of traditional scanners. It converts media such as paper documents into digital signals through the camera to quickly take pictures, and then input them to peripheral devices such as computers, and save them in various image formats and text formats. It is convenient for users to manage information. The hardware of the high-speed camera scanner adopts a folding ultra-convenient design. The document table is divided into a soft rubber positioning pad and a hard document table to make document positioning more accurate and product placement more stable. It meets the office needs of various industries.

The high-speed camera scanner can scan at a high speed of 1 second/frame. Through the software that comes with the high-speed camera scanners, document management, OCR text recognition that the high speed OCR scanner has, physical display, video recording, etc. can be realized. So what are the functions of the high-speed camera scanners in the office?

  1. Shooting mode: There are three modes: color, grayscale and black and white;
  1. Image merging: It supports the merging of certificates and documents up and down or left and right;
  1. Intelligent direction detection: The high speed camera scanner has the function of intelligent direction detection. When inserting documents, bills, pictures and other materials, you do not need to manually rotate them, and instantly preview the correct document direction in real time, which is convenient for users to scan;
  1. Intelligent edge finding: It supports automatic righting and automatic edge trimming without bottom. It also has an automatic edge-finding function, that is, it can find the edges of multiple documents and bills in multiple areas, and cut the edges to output at the same time after shooting. It also has an automatic correction function. That is to say, you can place the manuscript at any angle, it can automatically recognize the black edges of the text, and the image will be corrected after the shooting; of course, you can also not trim the edges, or use the mouse to customize the scan area size;
  1. Storage settings: It has three storage settings (fixed prefix, time naming, free naming);
  1. Image background color removal: It can perform document shadow removal, background color removal and document distortion processing;
  1. Image rotation function: It supports 360-degree dynamic and free rotation of screen images;
  1. Picture format: It has three color pictures: color/black and white/grayscale. It supports JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, PDF and other formats. At the same time, it can shoot black and white binary JPG format. It can generate PDF or TIFF with one click, and it also supports generating multi-page PDF or TIFF. You can add or delete documents when manually shooting multiple pages of TIF or PDF, and document order adjustment is available;
  1. Intelligent continuous scanning: It supports intelligent batch continuous shooting and scanning of documents, it can automatically detect the scanned manuscript and scanning direction, and automatic scanning of paper changes;
  1. Add watermark: The picture supports adding watermark, custom watermark, date and display position settings;
  1. Bar code recognition: it has the function of recognizing bar codes, one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes;
  1. Credential recognition: Through the OCR recognition core and template configuration, the certificate can be accurately recognized and exported to EXCEL and other file formats;
  1. Text recognition: It is a professional OCR recognition software, which can realize the recognition rate of text form over 98%.