Usage of Scanner

30.07.2020 0 iCODIS Official
  1. Set the file size

No matter whether the scanned object is text, image, or photo, it will be output as an image by the scanner, and the size of the image is directly related to the size of the file capacity, so the size of the file should be set during scanning. Usually, the scanner can automatically calculate the file size when previewing the original manuscript sample, but knowing how to calculate the file size is more helpful for you to make appropriate choices when managing scanning files and determining the scan resolution, and it benefits the work of smart book scannerhigh speed ocr scanner, etc.

  1. Store curves and load scanning software

Sometimes, in order to get the best color and scanning contrast, first scan with low resolution. Open it in Photoshop, and use Photoshop's curve function to improve color and contrast. Save the curve and load it back into the scanning software. The scanner will use this color correction curve to create a better high-resolution file. If several images are scanned with a similar color gamut, the same curves can be used, and curves can also be stored frequently and loaded back as needed.

  1. Place the scanned object according to the required effect

In the actual process of using images, it is sometimes hoped that images with oblique effects can be obtained. Many designers often input images into computers through scanners, and then use professional image software to rotate the images to achieve the rotation effect. However, this process is very time-consuming, and the image quality will decline according to the angle of rotation. If you know in advance how the image is placed on the page, then using the protractor and the bottom edge of the original to place the original at a precise angle on the cylinder and the platen, you will get the highest quality image without having to rotate in the image processing software.

  1. Find the best scanning area on the glass plate

In order to obtain the best image scanning quality, find the best scanning area of the scanner, and then place the object to be scanned to obtain the best and most fidelity image effect. The specific searching steps are as follows: first, set all controls of the scanner to automatic or silent state, select all areas, and then scan a blank, white or opaque sample with low resolution; then use Photoshop, a professional image processing software, to open the sample manuscript. Use the averaging command (Equalize menu item) in the software to process the sample manuscript. After processing, you can see where there are cracks, stripes and black spots on the scanner. You can print this document and cut out the best area (that is, the most stable area) to help place the image.

Usage of Scanner