User Guide of High-speed Camera Scanner

18.12.2020 0 iCODIS Official

High-speed camera scanner is a multifunctional document camera. However, many users will encounter some problems after buying a high-speed camera scanner. For example, it is often found that the quality of scanned images is not ideal. Today we will share with you two guides for using high-speed camera scanner, and we hope it will help you.

  1. The USB Interface Used by the High-Speed camera scanner Must Be the Interface During Installation

The USB interface used by the high-speed camera scanner device must automatically install the USB interface when the driver is installed. When many customers use it, they often say that they cannot enter the software interface without a device connection, which is the reason. When the driver cannot be recognized normally, switch to another USB interface, and the problem will be solved naturally. If you can enter the software interface but cannot display the screen, please check whether the device manager in the computer is forbidden, and the image can be displayed after opening it

  1. Exit the program first, then dial the power. When you don't need to shoot, put down the shooting lever.

Many people should understand that if the U disk or mobile hard disk in use is directly unplugged, it will cause some damage to the U disk and mobile hard disk over time. If the high speed camera scanner is in use, turning on the power directly will seriously affect the service life of the high-speed camera. Although this will not have any impact on our powerful machines, wouldn't it be better if a good habit can make your partner live longer?

The cleanliness of the high-speed camera scanner lens will affect the clarity of the shooting file. When there are spots in the photographed file, it is mostly because the lens is stained with dust. So, when you don't use the high-speed camera scanner, put down the shooting rod to avoid dust sticking. When dust sticks to the lens, wipe it gently with professional lens paper.

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