What Are the Factors that Affect the Price of High-speed Camera Scanner?

02.02.2021 0 iCODIS Official

Recently, The topic of the paperless office is more and more popular. Not only enterprises and personal studios but also many public institutions and government departments have begun to implement a paperless office

High-speed camera scanner plays a key role in the paperless office. It can significantly improve the working efficiency of enterprises and save time. Previously, it was costly to copy and scan documents, and it also took a long time and reduced working efficiency, which would make you crazy when facing major projects.

However, high-speed camera scanner generally process a page in a second, and it can process one document in few minutes. Besides, based on users' needs, it has practical functions such as PDF generation and ID card information recognition. All people who use high-speed camera scanner think it's really convenient.

The most popular question is how much is a high-speed camera scanner? Actually, about the price, it extends to a lot of problems. Today, I will share the main factors that influence the price of high-speed camera scanner:

  1. Width. The price of A3 is generally higher than A4.  
  2. The height of pixel. The prices of cameras with 10 million, 20 million, and 50 million pixels are different.
  3. The module of the second generation certification. The module can identify ID card information. The prices of the products with it or without it are very different.
  4. The module of face identification. Face identification is the same as the second generation certification, and the price with this function is higher.
  5. Handwritten screen. In some special industries such as the communication industry, the documents are required to be signed by users, so the handwritten screen is more expensive than general screens.
  6. The module of fingerprint identification. It's generally used for the industries that need to collect personal information, and it's also expensive.

In general, the more the functions, the higher the price. Besides, the price is affected by industries, amount, channels, and so on. Finally, I remind the general consumers to identify the enterprise qualification and enterprise-strength when purchasing high-speed camera scanner. In the mixed market, many high-speed camera scanneres without 3C certification shouldn't be bought. The high-speed camera scanners of iCODIS are quality and affordable, and iCODIS also provides timely and quality after-sales services.