What to Pay Attention to when Choosing A Game Projector

16.06.2020 0 iCODIS Official

Although a long holiday has just passed, the Labor Day holiday will soon be resumed. The Labor Day holiday will last for five days, but I think everyone has no interest in going out to play. Why don't you watch movies and TV plays at home and play games? How can you play games at home without a projector? Many people may say that the projector is too large to play games. Indeed, projectors are still used for watching movies and TV plays at present. Even with HDMI connectors, they are connected to high-definition players, but not to computers.

However, with the continuous development of intelligence and integration in home projector, it is really quite good to play games with projectors now: large screen, playing some action games and racing, shooting and sports games will really have a feeling in the game. The following points are the ones we need to pay special attention to when choosing a game projector.


  1. Projector resolution

In addition to the large screen, our requirements for the game include the response time of the operation and the picture resolution. At present, mini dlp projector 1080p is the recommended picture quality for mainstream games, and some flagship projectors can easily reach this standard. Moreover, the connection method is the same as that of a game machine connecting a display and a television. It is still very convenient to plug in an HDMI interface and use it. 4K projectors are also available now, but considering that 4K projectors have ultra-high definition resolution on the basis of large screens, the price is still high. Friends who have spare money after buying games can think about it.

. Projector brightness

Another point is very important to the game projector, namely brightness. Brightness can be said to be the life of the projector. Only enough brightness can perfectly display the high-definition quality of the projector's large picture. Generally speaking, especially cheap projectors are deficient in brightness or resolution, so entry-level projectors and flagship projectors with higher prices are recommended here. If the brightness of the projector is as high as 1300ANSI, it is fully capable of playing in the daytime. If it is on the screen at night, the picture effect will be more precise and realistic.


. Projector HDR

Besides brightness and resolution, HDR is also a very important function for the game. Because whether it is an action game or a shooting game, the light and shade changes of the picture are very diverse. And with HDR, the game picture projected by the projector will be more full of rich details and the light and shade contrast of the picture will be stronger.

Speaking of which, it is basically clear what the game projector should pay attention to. Brightness and resolution are the usual parameters that we should pay attention to when watching movies and TV plays. HDR can bring better experience in the aspect of the game images, which is what we need to pay special attention to when playing games. Of course, some people will say that the high refresh rate of the TV set is incomparable to projectors. It depends on everyone. There is no conflict between liking the big screen and liking the high refresh rate. We can choose according to our actual needs.