Which is the best - LCD or DLP?

03.12.2019 0 iCODIS Official
Which is the best - LCD or DLP?

Projectors have emerged as the latest display technology being used at workplace as well as at homes. Previously it was being used at offices or educational institutes only, however, now it is being used in homes as TV also. Since this gives a cinema like experience, people have started using such technology especially for watching movies.

There are numerous technologies available with projectors as well, however, both LCD and DLP are major technologies being used nowadays. Both differ in their principle of projection.


DLP is short for Digital Light Processing. The working principle of DLP is to convert image signals into optical signals by digital processing and projecting the visible-light onto a screen via the projection lens of the device.

The most important part of a DLP system is a tiny chip named the DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device), which was invented by an American scientist – Larry Hornback in 1977. In the beginning, it was used for printing technology but later it was use with digital imaging technology. Seeing that DMD is very easy to provide 16,700,000 different colors and 256 gray-levels, so images are clear and realistic when they use DLP.

DMD(Digital Micro-mirror Device) chip

LCD projectors produce image with the help of three crystal panels projecting primary colors. On the other hand, DLP projectors use wheels to project different colors which are then reflected off with the help of digital micromirror. Confused about the best technology available in market? Well, not anymore! Allow us to delve deeper into both LCD and DLP technologies so as to depict pros and cons of both technologies for your benefit. We have rated both technologies for various technical categories and have reached to the following conclusions:

Image clarity

A very common problem faced with projectors is that image becomes blurred on motion of characters. However, we have found DLP projectors to perform much better than LCD projectors in this scenario. While watching movie on both projectors, we noticed that DLP projector projected sharper image for fast and intense motion scenes as compared to LCD projector. Other than that, the image appeared to be more detailed on DLP projector due to the improved quality of image while viewing it on flat screen. Not once did the blurriness of image became an issue for us. Owing to such image clarity, DLP projector was able to create a virtual reality which was not possible with LCD projectors. Therefore, iCODIS projectors employing DLP technology for transmission are definitely much better than LCD ones in case of image clarity.

Final choice: DLP


Pico projectors are those small and tiny projectors which ensure that they could be carried from one place to another even in one’s pocket. These projectors use LCD technology while transmitting image as compared to DLP technology. The best thing about these Pico projectors is that they could be used in small spaces and could be used along with any device like mobile or laptop. Therefore, these mini projectors allow individuals to project images anywhere they want and that too at an affordable price. The fact that these portable projectors use LCD technology indicates that as compared to DLP, LCD is more easy to use for its consumers. Icodis portable DLP projector having DLP technology for transmission of images deliver better quality images as compared to LCD ones, however, they have a shorter life span as compared to such mini projectors. Therefore, as far as the category of portable projectors is concerned, LCD technology is best choice available owing to presence of no movable parts.

Final choice: DLP

Color precision

The quality of image also depends upon the precision and accuracy of colors being projected. For this category, we have found out that each model behaves differently whether it is DLP or LCD projector. Therefore, before going for any particular model, we would advise you to look into its technical details in order to ensure color precision and accuracy.

Final choice: Depends upon the model of projector

Image brightness

Image brightness is another important parameter associated with projector’s image. The type of light projected by both projectors is quite different owing to different mechanism being used to project images. Currently, both LCD and DLP projectors display good image brightness and tend to capture the attention of its viewers with bright colorful projection. Therefore, as far as our opinion is concerned, we feel that both projectors are doing well in this regard.

Final choice: Both

One fact most buyers might ignore is that for LCD and DLP projectors, the same native resolution doesn’t equal the same display effect. Regarding the actual display effect, there wouldn’t be much difference between 720p of LCD projectors and 480p of DLP projectors. So, don’t get blindfolded by the number on the label.

Image convergence

While projecting an image, the convergence of different characters could become an issue owing to slightly different placement of chips being used to project any image. The edge of a chip could become an issue while projecting any image, thereby giving a blurred projection on flat screen. In such scenarios, DLP projectors are found to project more perfect images as compared to LCD projectors. DLP projectors are quite simple and do not use any complicated mechanism like LCD projectors. Due to this reason, they do not have any issue while projecting any image. They only have mirrors reflecting off light which does not create an image blurring problem like LCD projectors.

Final choice: DLP

Image’s contrast ratio

Contrast ratio depicts the reality of an image. The more realistic it looks, the more audience feel connected with it. Majority of people have started buying projectors as home screens owing to the depiction of a virtual reality. They desire that with the help of such projectors, they could feel that they are actually living in the backdrop of scene being viewed by them. This aids audience to feel physically and emotionally connected with characters being displayed, the same phenomena being used by movie theaters. In this regard, both LCD and DLP lack perfection. LCD projectors have recently been upgraded to improve image contrast ratio due to which some models are working to near perfection. However, DLP technology has yet failed to achieve this perfection as LCD. DLP projectors have changed their projection technology over time but have failed to achieve a better contrast ratio. On the basis of this detailed analysis, we feel that LCD projector is doing a better job as compared to DLP projectors. However, LCD projectors are not doing a perfect job as well.

Final choice: LCD

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Final verdict

All in all, both projectors have some strengths and weaknesses in their working models. In some quality characteristics, DLP projector outshines LCD projector. On the other hand, LCD projectors have also taken a lead in some aspects of quality image which includes contrast ratio and rainbow phenomena. Both type of projectors have numerous good models existing in their respective technologies. All these models are performing exceptionally. In the end, it depends entirely upon the choice of user. Some people are bothered by minute details while others are not. Some people are more difficult to satisfy by quality of image being projected, however, others are completely fine with quality being given to them. Therefore, it all depends upon an individual’s choice.