Will the Projector Replace the TV?

08.01.2021 0 iCODIS Official

With more and more functions that can be used in mobile phones, many things can be operated on mobile phones. So the emergence of mobile phones makes many things meaningless. Take the TV as an example, it has changed from the necessity to decoration. However, mobile phones are always limited by the screen. Because the mobile phone needs to be portable, the body is relatively small, and the screen is naturally not as good as a TV. But when many users want to watch movies on a big screen, they don't think about TV, but choose a projector. Why is this? So will the projector replace the TV? Tell you the answer through these 3 points! Don't listen to shopping guides!

  1. It does not take up space and is easy to access.

Nowadays, TV sets are much more advanced than previous TV sets. However, with the development of mobile phone functions, we spend very little time watching TV. People spend their time at home from getting off work to have fun with their mobile phones. Even the elders at home usually watch TV on pad. However, if the TV is placed in the living room and not used, it will inevitably be a bit annoying. Moreover, most households nowadays do not have a hidden TV design, so it is difficult to store them. But the projector is different. The volume of the projector itself is relatively small. When we are not using it, we can directly find a cabinet to store it, and it is easier to take it out and put it back. Furthermore, the screen used by the projector can be collected freely at ordinary times, which is very convenient and does not occupy space. As you can enjoy the same viewing purpose as the TV without taking up space, it is definitely more appropriate to choose a projector.

  1. Better viewing effect

Although the current TV screen is still much bigger, it will never be bigger than a wall. After all, the TV also needs to be placed on the TV counter. The TV set is large, and the relative cost of the TV cabinet is very high, which increases the cost of watching TV. However, the cost of the projector only needs one projector and one screen, and the viewing field of the screen is much wider than that of a TV. The entire wall can be projected, which provides special visual experience. And if we use a projector to watch movies, we can watch whatever we want without waiting for commercials. Compared with the TV, this is also very advantageous, so many people will definitely abandon the TV and choose the projector.

  1. Improve a sense of ritual in our lives

Now our pursuit of life is no longer for living, so many people are more and more concerned about the sense of ritual that they can experience in life. Compared with the TV, the projector must be more ceremonial, and it looks like a refined lifestyle. Think about relaxing at home for a weekend without going out to the cinema to watch a movie. You can also watch blockbuster movies while staying at home, and the viewing effect is not bad. Why would anyone dislike such a projector? It can be said that the appearance of the projector is to improve the quality of our lives. It's like watching a movie on your mobile phone at home is different from watching a movie in a cinema. The home theater itself is also a trend now, so more and more people are definitely choosing projectors.

Buy a projector, place a fruit plate on the weekend, choose a good movie, and watch the movie with friends and family. What a pleasant thing! But compared to the realism of the TV display, there are still some flaws. It depends on personal preference. At the same time, we should pay attention to the choice of projector. The brand is very important, otherwise it will not give us a good viewing effect.