Wireless Projection and Projection Technology

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Wireless projection is the product of the development of projector technology to a certain stage. In a sense, wireless projection has not only changed the way traditional projectors are used, but also changed people's concept of using projectors for work and entertainment.

Technical types of wireless projection

In terms of current applications, wireless projection technologies mainly include wireless network projection and peer-to-peer (AdHoc) mode projection.

  1. Wireless network projection

Networking is the extension of wireless projector. The application of Wi-Fi technology has revolutionized the traditional projection method. With the development of wireless technology, wireless wifi projector has become more and more common in the market. It can generally be connected with a local area network or a laptop through standard wireless transmission protocols. All computers in the same local area network can directly operate the projector to control the projector in the conference room.

Network projection can be achieved through wired and wireless methods. Wired projection means that you can directly connect the network cable with the network interface on the projector. The wireless projection means that the projector has a built-in wireless network card. In the connection between an ordinary projector and a computer, the display information of the computer is converted into a display signal in the computer, and then transmitted to the projector, so the amount of information transmitted to the projector is very large. When the network connection is adopted, neither the network transmission method nor the network bandwidth allows the transmission of analog display signals. Therefore, only the most popular information transmission method applied in the network can be used. That is, the computer directly transmits the display information to the projector, and the conversion of the display information to the analog display signal is completed in the projector.

For the wireless network projector, we can vividly understand it as the combination of ordinary projectors and reduced-size PCs. It can be disconnected from the computer and directly connect the network with the user. It changes from an isolated PC peripheral product to an organic node in the network. Any computer in the network can access the projector through specific software, control the presentation or set various projection parameters and realize remote synchronization of presentations and real-time sharing of projection equipment.

  1. PC memory card projection

The projector is equipped with a memory card reader, which can be used for projection presentations without a PC. This is a relatively simple wireless projection mode, and more and more projectors are designed with memory card readers. Users can save the data or digital pictures to present such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint in the corresponding type of memory card, and insert the memory card into the projector to directly read the data stored on the card for demonstration.