With the OCR Technology, worry-free from scanning different Kinds of Receipts!

23.02.2021 0 iCODIS Official

1. The background of smart book scanner's development

Nowadays, with fast economic development, working tasks and pressure are increasing dramatically. As one of the most important proofs of economic communication, receipts need to be followed up and recorded at any time. Previously, receipts are entered manually, requiring a large amount of time and labor. The manual entry with low efficiency can't adapt to the rhythm of modern enterprise's development, so it's very urgent to resolve the problem of receipt entry. After carefully studying the market receipt entry needs and combining with the actual work characteristics of the industry, iCODIS technology introduces the receipts identification management system, providing qualified receipt identification service for various industries.

2. The OCR recognition function of smart book scanner

In daily work, there are many kinds of receipts, such as vat special invoices, bank checks, motor-vehicle sales invoices, and so on. Lots of kinds of receipts increase the difficulty of popularizing the application of bill recognition. Considering this, except for customization, iCODIS introduces the book scanner, an easy-to-use and cheap product with high technology. It has the function of OCR recognition and adopts the global advanced technology of identification. It can edit and use all kinds of paper receipts after they are digitized, which improves the working efficiency to a degree and reduces the costs.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function means the process that the electronic device checks the characters printed on the paper and uses character recognition methods to translate shapes into computer text through detecting dark and light patterns to determine their shape. It's also the technology that for printed characters, using the optical method to convert the text in the paper document into black and white dot matrix image files, and using the recognition software to convert the text in the image to text format for further editing by word processing software.

However, this is not the only advantage of iCODIS book scanners. Book scanners can not only identify 186 languages but also process images intelligently and scan without excreting or bounding. Please contact iCODIS for more information about the product.